Blake – Our Beardie Mentor

Romar Windwhistle Brigadoon, beardie extraordinaire. Blake wasan undisputed gentleman from the get go. And often called Mr. Blake for that exact reason.

His manners and demeanor were impeccable, and before moving here, was the invited guest of my neighbour, who cherished Blake so much that he was personally invited for overnights at her home. And slept on her bed. This was regal!

At the age of six, Blake had an odd autoimmune issue, which puzzled several vets until he reached incredible, intuitive hands which saved his life.

He lived a full and happy Beardie life which he superbly directed, until the Spring of 2008. It became apparent that his struggle in movement had become a given rather than an occasional issue. He was fitted for and wore a custom made brace to support the weakness in his spine and his back legs. While this worked well for a while and he was a most determined fellow, he let me know that peace for him was essential and the time to let him go had become apparent.

And so I honoured his decision. His spirit and education of the ‘younger folks’, was a legacy and in these special ways, he is still always here…