The Dogs

Stonedance Today

Dedicated to the healthy development of the Bergamasco Sheepdog as a rare breed in Canada, at Stonedance we co-operate with like-minded breeders in the United States and Europe to ensure the health and genetic diversity of the breed.

The most recent Stonedance litters have been born to our Doveva, whose parents were Io and Dite. The sire is Opus, who came to us from Europe (via New York City!). The wonderful puppies shown at the top of this page are from their first litter.

Stonedance Beginnings

The Stonedance Bergamascos began with Io (Cosmos dell’Alberaat Silver Pastori¬†from the very¬†first U.S. Bergamasco litter) and Marica dell’ Albera (direct from Dell’ Albera in Vercelli, Italy). Our lovely Halla (Canadian Tapestry at Stonedance) was the very first born of the very first litter registered in Canada. They were soon joined by Dite (Afrodite della Luna di Lana right from Muenster,Germany), who is still with us as matriarch. Beardie Blake, our original herding dog, served as our own ever vigilant mentor.

Some of the pages in this section tell their stories.

Below is an old graphic that was the banner for the very first version of the Stonedance website, featuring our beloved Io, Marica and Halla.