“Perspective is nothing else than the seeing of an object through a sheet of glass, on the surface of which may be marked all the things that are behind the glass.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci

Breeding dogs involves far more than one would imagine. It begins here, with my own dogs and follows every offspring to its new family; starting a commitment which is for the life of the dog. I would like to think of myself as someone interested in learning more about issues that involve the Canidae as a whole with respect to Genetics, Gene Pool Integrity, Social Impact and the Ethics involved with these aspects.

They apply most certainly to the Bergamasco, rare as it is and with a proportionately delicate gene pool. It is therefore, paramount, in my opinion, to work internationally at identifying and sustaining an open, healthy awareness of all the variables that contribute to maintaining this breed.

One perspective that I find very appealing is the breeding approach for that of “a whole working dog”, not just as a conformation animal and that showing, in the ring and in the field, will be to test the success and show the values of a breeder’s program. Not just conformation as the reason for breeding.

The background for understanding the issues of Breeding, Ethics, Genetics, can make for one big headache (whew, no kidding!). So, on this site we will be reproducing a series of very readable and incredibly interesting articles, research papers and opinions. All of them are pertinent to the Bergamasco, some using equally vulnerable breeds sharing common problems as their focal point. I found them very helpful and refer to them frequently.

You will find the links to these articles here as they are developed.