Executive and Membership

Bergamasco Sheepdog Association of Canada
Executive and working committees:

Heike Langeloh - CEO

Teresa LeGrand - Co-ordinator for Eastern Canada

Vicki Morrison – Co-ordinator for Western Canada

Dana Brier – USA Co-ordinator

Charlene Schlager  - Rescue Co-ordinator

Jutta Ammann – International Co-ordinator

Sylvia Forster – Herding Instructor

Jean Heinemann - Treasurer

Carole Kenneford - Nutrition, Holisitic and Natural Rearing

Rescue Committee:

The Bergamasco Sheepdog Association of Canada has a rescue committee for Bergamasco with representatives in several regions across the country. Every rescued dog needs assistance and if you would like to help or just find out more about rescue efforts, please use the Stonedance contact form to get in touch.

Members list:

Kim Clarke – Ontario, Canada

David Batley – Alberta, Canada

The Harron Family – Ontario, Canada

The Morrison Family – Alberta, Canada

The Clarke Family – Ontario, Canada

The Soligo Family – Ontario, Canada

Eva Godin – Illinois, USA

Paul Lechner & Tammy Rogerson – Ontario, Canada

Michael & Marni Fedeyko – Alberta, Canada

Karen Pitzel – Saskatchewan, Canada

The Mailer Family – Ontario,  Canada

Linda Yawney – British Columbia, Canada

Samantha Parker-Sutton – British Columbia, Canada

Monica Genarro – Ontario, Canada

Spazzone’s Family – California, USA

Jett’s Family – NJ, USA

Matteo – Ontario, Canada

Heike Langeloh - Ontario, Canada

Carole Kenneford – Ontario, Canada

Angelina’s Family – Ontario, Canada

Dana Brier – PA, USA

Charlene Schlager – NJ, USA

Christine and Hershel Berkowitz – Ontario, Canada