To Your Good Health!

A very intelligent and brave breed, the Bergamasco is, overall, a very peaceful dog enjoying good health for quite a respectable lifespan. The unique hair and often unabashed spirit for life, makes the Bergamasco a remarkable companion. Knowing your dog’s diet and exercise level are vital. Just like people, not all Bergamasco (or dogs for that matter) like the same things… especially every day.

To Your HealthThe breeder of your dog should be a good source of information for any questions concerning health, feeding and the great fun when eventually the day arrives and “the coat’s come in”! Trust me, it always was there but one day you’ll see for yourself how your Bergamasco has quietly surprised you once again. And yes, they do smile, and they do grin! The breeder of your dog should be a lifelong resource and as often happens, Bergamasco, family and breeder keep in touch either by phone or email, checking on the latest or just being impressed at another learning level achieved.

It is also a very good idea to visit a few animal health care facilities until you find one that you feel comfortable with and wouldn’t mind going for a visit.

You can also consider learning more about alternative therapies and care such as homeopathy, chiropractic and some fascinating additions (or alternatives) to what your dog eats!

A favourite story involved a puppy with a wonderful appetite, tried all veggies and all the neat protein his parents gave him… but turned up his nose at ostrich. No matter, his human dad thought it made a nice change for the dinner menu.

In the Perspectives section of this website, are resources to browse. The Links section will take you to other sites of interest. The initial and most important resources for your dog’s well-being are you, the breeder, and the medical care that is secured for the newest family member.